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Green & Ground Project

Hi, My name is Darrell Lewis. I am the CEO of Lewis Landscaping. In 2019, I started The Greens & Grounds project with Family Community Fellowship. This is a workforce development program for youth ages 12-21 this program is designed to give young youth a positive way to make money and gain a skill set for a bright future to have the potential to become their own boss.



A Look inside the Green & Ground Project Outcome

Leadership Skills

Growth Mindset


Purpose and belonging

Becoming your own boss

Money management



Unhealthy Habits and choice

Stress, anxiety, and worry

Common teen pitfalls

High risk behaviors



Our mentoring program will help guide youth in the right direction.


Your gift will help provide uniforms, get equipment and supplies to run effectively and efficiently, help with transportation for youth, help with payroll, and help with providing lunch for youth.



Your generosity will allow us to grow and continue to improve the lives of the Youth!



~ Thank you for supporting The Green & Ground Project !

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